Dating traditions in other countries

20-Sep-2017 15:31

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For the men of Bhutan, this tradition has been ingrained in their culture for the longest time—a form of courtship known as “night hunting.” Formally known as “bomena,” night hunting started in the eastern rural areas of Bhutan, and involved a man who would sneak up into a girl’s room and spend the night there.

If caught, he would have to either marry the girl or work it off on the girl’s family’s fields.

While casual dating is mainly a Western invention, some countries in the East have adopted some form of dating.

Here are eight different dating practices from around the world.

India Arranged marriages aside, Indian couples traditionally become engaged after the bride’s family has formally accepted the groom's family’s proposal. Ghana Traditionally, a groom and a few of his family members would knock on the bride’s family’s door and announce his intentions for marriage.

This “knocking ceremony” happens only a week before the actual wedding!

As one cousin said to me during a recent visit to Vietnam, "You've been together for six months and you don't have any arguments. " According to Vietnamese tradition, a couple’s engagement is much more than an intimate proposal that takes place when the woman least expects it. Rather than getting frustrated at my parents’ attempt to meddle, I take deep breaths and remind myself that there are some major cultural differences at play.

It also made me curious how marriage proposals take place in other countries.

Whatever someone does in public reflects on their family as well as their own reputation.In the worst-case scenario, the man would leave the girl after he impregnated her.