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The yard is flooded with the irrigation water, eventually soaks into the ground, and you have happy, typically well-adapted, vegetation. The second gate should force the rest of the water into the yard, and I'd have my full allotment of water. What I didn't know is how the yard sloped, and this was the way I was supposed to irrigate this yard. With the first, shorter gate set up, I opened the portal and in went the water. With her help and Dale's help, we had the taller, second gate in place, with the portal open and drawing water. I had a pile of items from Mom: my breakfast of nectarines and clif bars, loppers, tree saw, plastic bag for trash, water bottle, camera, phone; the water was coming in seemingly well. Mom went home to ready for her day, while I sat around, not quite sure what I was supposed to be doing. I used the loppers Mom had offered I bring over, trimming branches on a tree that needs to come out, mostly so that I could see where it was growing. I was reading when Mom came back, an hour into the irrigation. I knew I had problems with the seal, and about a third of my water was heading down-canal, but I couldn't figure out how to stop it, and didn't have any towels to use as seals, so I had resigned myself to less water. I couldn't get the taller gate unwedged from under the pallet used to cross the canal, so jammed the shorter gate into the water, letting the water push it into place. Told me to head over, and don't forget the irrigation boots. The idea with the irrigation is that you set up gates, braces that act as mini dams, then open up the portals that send the water coming down the canal through the conduit into your yard. I would place a short gate behind the first portal, upstream, so that the first flow of water would go into the first portal, and the overflow would go down-canal and be stopped by the second, taller gate set before the second portal. He encouraged me with the gate, just drop it there after the first portal. Turns out, the second portal wasn't pouring water fast enough.

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Not a huge deal, I think, because I bought a lot of stuff recently and some of it was from overseas, and that usually causes them some deal of heartburn. The voice mail left me one number to call(866.242.6289), while the email gave me another number (877.833.5617) to call. Because if this was a scam, what a brilliant scam it would be. She tried the other number they had, and it put me to AFV1 again, but again, at least this woman tried to do something else.

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